Roblox Ball Blast Gamelog - October 3 2018

Roblox Ball Blast Gamelog - October 3 2018


Roblox Ball Blast Gameplay! [Beta Update!] More Shooting than Ball Chasing! LOUD WARNING!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:00:41 Lets get started!
0:03:26 We won the first round!
0:04:23 Round 2!
0:09:33 We won again!
0:10:28 Round 3!
0:15:40 We won again!
0:16:39 Round 4!
0:21:49 We lost!
0:22:46 Round 5!
0:27:57 We won!
0:28:57 Round 6!
0:34:05 We Lost!
0:35:02 Round 7 - Chocolate is back on my team!
0:40:12 We Lost!
0:41:10 Round 8 and finally I'm on blue team!
0:46:20 We Won!

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-- Roblox Ball Blast by Stormcell

-- About Ball Blast!
Use your oversized boxing gloves to punch giant plastic balls to your cannon! Play with a variety of different maps, gamemodes, and weapons!

Roblox Ball Blast Created 8/23/2017, Updated 10/2/2018, Max Players 20, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, #BallBlast)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
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Let me know in the comment what game you would like to see me play.

I Love you all Chloe Tubers!
Roblox Ball Blast Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim October 2018 Gamelog / #ChloeLim Channel / #BallBlast, #Roblox


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