Roblox Animal Rescue Gamelog - August 28 2019

Roblox Animal Rescue Gamelog - August 28 2019


???? Roblox Animal Rescue Gameplay! Rescuing animals trapped in BUSHES and ICE! Found the hidden Scorpion Lair! Loud Warning!

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0:01:59 Started as a noob! lets go pick up some trash!
0:02:43 Now to buy a wand!
0:02:59 Now to rescue some animals!
0:03:56 Equipping the rabbits and selling the pig!
0:04:32 Found a pest!
0:06:22 Buying my second Wand!
0:08:19 Going to next world!
0:11:12 Found the secret entrance to the Hidden Scorpion Lair!
0:13:43 Time to obby to the other side!
0:15:51 I got a Free Purple Sprite reward! Buying a new Wand!
0:18:12 Getting into the last Word Winterpoint!
0:26:55 Got another Neon Yellow Sprite! Getting another Wand!
0:28:23 YES! Finally got a Polar Bear Cub!

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-- Animal Rescue By WhoooDattt

-- About Animal Rescue
Rescue kawaii animals, collect coins, and avoid dangerous creatures in Animal Rescue!
 - ???? Save animals trapped in bushes -- will you save any rainbow animals?
 - Collect sprites; some are super rare -- can you find them all?
 - ???? Drop off or adopt animals at the animal shelter
 - Conquer the mini obbys ????
 - ???? Escape the scorpions and zap the roaches
 - Discover hidden rooms ????

Roblox Animal Rescue Created 10/16/2018, Updated 8/24/2019, Max Players 8, Genre All. (Online Multiplayer Game, Animal Rescue)

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