Roblox Adopt Me Gamelog - April 2 2019

Roblox Adopt Me Gamelog - April 2 2019


???? Roblox Adopt Me Gameplay! 1 Code! Getting the Millionaire Mansion! Best house ever! Loud Warning!


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0:02:24 Code time!
0:02:47 Millionaire Mansion House buying time!
0:03:29 Start of house tour of my Millionaire Mansion!
0:08:44 Decoration Time!
0:08:20 Time to go for a ride on my Luxury Car!
0:10:33 Buying some presents! I got balloons and Banana Pogo Stick!
0:11:48 Going to the Hospital to see the doctor!
0:13:09 Playground time!
0:15:36 Back to my house for more decorating!
0:17:06 Some Hot Tub FUN!
0:19:38 We got pranked by Pinapple for April's fools day!
0:21:10 Going to Pinapple's house!
0:23:09 Changing myself in the avatar editor!

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-- Roblox Adopt Me By DreamCraft!

-- About Adopt Me!
????Adopt or get adopted, design your home, explore Adoption Island and much more! ????
???????? EDIBLE GIFTS UPDATE ????????
????19 NEW and YUMMY gift items! Find them outside the Nursery
????LEGENDARY Banana Car!

Roblox Adopt Me Created 7/14/2017, Updated 4/1/2019, Max Players 65, Genre RPG. (Online Multiplayer Game, #AdoptMe)

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I Love you all Chloe Tubers!

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