Roblox A Wolf Or Other Gamelog - February 12 2020

Roblox A Wolf Or Other Gamelog - February 12 2020


Roblox A Wolf Or Other Gameplay! Changing into a Werewolf! Loud Warning!

-- Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:
0:01:13 Round 1!
0:02:44 The Were Wolf Won!
0:03:12 Round 2!
0:04:42 Chocolate was the Werewolf!
0:05:15 Round 3!
0:08:38 Round 4!
0:12:21 Round 5!
0:14:00 The werewolf just chased us around on the roof but didn't get to kill anyone!
0:14:29 Round 6! Finally I'm the Were-Wolf!
0:17:40 Round 7! I'm the werewolf AGAIN!
0:20:38 Round 8! I'm the Hunter!
0:22:08 The Wolf guy was AFK!
0:22:21 Round 9! I'm the Wolf again!
0:24:50 I did it I killed everyone and Chocolate did a split!

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-- Roblox A Wolf Or Other By Otter Space

-- About A Wolf Or Other
A full moon looms as a howl echos through the woods.
With a silver arrow readied, the hunter keeps a watchful eye.
Will you be the Werewolf that massacres the town?
Or will you be the Hunter that stops it?
The realistic Werewolf horror experience.

Roblox A Wolf Or Other Created 10/1/2018, Updated 11/7/2019, Max Players 12, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, A Wolf Or Other)

-- Yesterday Gamelog
Roblox Survive the Killer Gameplay! 2 CODES! Beware of the UNICORN KILLER! -

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