How To Improve WordPress On Page SEO - Beginners Guide 2017

How To Improve WordPress On Page SEO - Beginners Guide 2017

We can start with handling the basics of WordPress on-page SEO which is quite simple but very important task to improve SEO with WordPress. WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin is one of the most popular plugins to improve your WordPress On-Page SEO.

These are the common but necessary things to be done to improve your WordPress on site SEO.

Title Tag

The title tag is the most required technique in all HTML documents. It describes the type of page, which will display in the browser’s toolbar as well as appear in the search engine results. The title should be expressive that supports search engines to recognize your page for similar search queries. To use your focus keywords or some of its part is must to use in your title tag.


The Meta description is the 2nd essential onsite SEO technique to assist your web page to help search engine in order to appear your site in search results. This is the summary of your whole content that must contain your focus keyword. The description also appears in the SERP results.

Keywords Density

When it comes to using keywords in your content or article body the percentage of using the keyword in the content is known as keyword density, this is the number of keyword use in your per 100 words. The SEO experts think we should use a unique keyword for each page thought our text. Using LSI keywords like synonyms or phrases may help you to increase keyword density without spamming.


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