How To Monetize A WordPress Blog - 34 Instant Ways To Boost Income

How to monetize a WordPress blog?

Monetizing a blog is scary right? But I don't think so!

Bloggers are worried that if they start monetizing their blog they tend to lose readers. Your readers and subscribers will suddenly think you're a sell-out, and like others, you have also become part of the corporate machine to think only of making money from your blog.

But here’s the thing – your audience doesn’t just want you to start selling, they need it. In fact, it’s your duty as a blog owner to do it.

Because monetizing a blog isn’t about the money. It’s about helping people.

Every product you sell on your blog helps your audience to improve. You help your audience to know about new products and services in the market. For that matter let it be a book on Amazon or any deals related to WordPress hosting or plugins.

You also help your audience to buy the same product and service a discounted price and also offers them to choose from varieties.

All of it helps them with their goals. And why shouldn’t you stand to make a little money whilst you do it, right?

So you don't look this article as 30 ways to boost your income from your audience.

Instead, think of monetizing a blog as 30 ways to help your audience improve their lives. Which is a lot more fun to do, isn’t it?