15 Best $1 Web Hosting Service Provider To Start Your Blog in 2018

The Internet is full of web hosting providers offering cheap hosting plans. If you are planning to start your blog or migrate your blog to a new hosting provider then here is the list of best hosting providers offering $1 web hosting.

If you are a beginner then you should certainly go for the cheap hosting plans to start your website. We recommend you to go for 1dollar hosting service providers rather than paying more for your hosting.

$1 web hosting is suitable for webmasters having very less traffic to your website. When your website is completely established you can migrate to small business hosting providers.

Starting a blog requires planning and one requires extensive research in terms of platform, hosting, plugins, themes etc.

When it comes to hosting there are many factors that have to keep in mind before choosing paid hosting providers. There are many free hosting providers and paid hosting providers.

In my personal recommendation, you should go for paid hosting providers due to many reasons.

Some of $1 web hosting providers offer cheap hosting plans along with free domain name.

Remember many of these web hosting providers on the list are among the top $1 web hosting providers offering cheap hosting plans to start your blog.

When I initially started my website I had hosted on 1and1.com which offered me $1 web hosting along with free domain name. Subsequently, I migrated to A2hosting and now my website is hosted on Hostinger.com.

You should also consider and plan to buy your web hosting during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, they really offer huge discounts on hosting.

Check out our Mega Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals offering 70% discounts on web hosting, wordpress themes and wordpress plugins.

Here is the list of $1 web hosting providers offering cheap web hosting plans to start your blog.


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