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Bringing a new puppy home is a really satisfying experience, it's just that it can quickly become quite a frustrating situation if you experience potty training trouble. Here are a few simple tips to making potty training your puppy a pleasant experience for both of you.

Tip #1 - Confine Him:

You might prefer to purchase a crate to keep him in when you are not at home or you are unable to oversee him. Get one that's just large enough for him to lie in comfortably. Keep in mind that a puppy will normally not go potty where he rests. This way he will learn to hold it until he is in am appropriate spot to release. Just make sure you take him out in order to go potty straightaway after removing him from the crate.

Tip #2 - Be Consistent:

All of the time take your puppy to the exact same place you wish him to go potty. That helps make a routine for him, amd he would also be able to scent that he's 'done business' at that place earlier and will probably do it over again. Also make sure you use the exact same command every time.

Put your puppy on a schedule. Make certain to feed him at the same time everyday. Usually 20 to 30 minutes afterwards take him out to go potty, after naps, before you leave and after you get home, as well as before and after bedtime.

Tip #3: Pay Attention

Your puppy may often give you some kind of signal that he need to go potty. Sniffing may be one of the signs. By paying close attention to your puppy you'll before long to pick up on his signs.

Tip #5: Accidents DO Happen!

Anticipate your puppy to have a couple of accidents, but don't get discouraged. Every puppy could be potty-trained with enough time and patience. However if and when one does happen, never try to rub his nose in it. This could give your puppy a reason to refuse to go potty in front of you and hide someplace when he goes. Remember never to punish him for an accident that has already happened because that only confuses him.

Tip #6: Reward him!

When your puppy eventually 'does the business' where he is supposed to, make certain to reward him right away. This would let him know that what he has done has delighted you and he will be eager to do it over again!

Following these simple tips your puppy will soon be on his way to successful potty training, which would give you (and your carpetings) a sigh of relief.

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