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Having grown up in a very small town in eastern Canada, I had always been around dogs and they have always captivated me. There has always been something about the way they interact with each other that attracted me to learn more about them.

It is interesting to know that all dogs from all over the world, whether it is from China or England, they all speak the same language. All dogs communicate using mostly their body language, voice and smells.

As dogs are more observant to details than humans, they can recognize the simplest things like a squinting of the eyes, looking in another direction or hair rising on the scruff (back) of the dog.

This brings us back to the studies of wolves and how their hierarchy affects how they interact with each other. But now that dogs are living in a completely new environment, say in a suburban area with little or no nature around them, we must begin to start taking into consideration their emotional needs.
Dogs that are having behavioral problems most often do not need to be trained or even hire a dog training expert. They usually just simply have too much energy store up into them and they cannot burn that energy locked up in a house or apartment. The best ways to exercise your dog are:

1. Play a retrieving game like fetch or Frisbee. Lots of running is involved and it will get your dog in an extremely great state of mind.

2. If you are familiar with dog training techniques, you and your partner can stand at opposite ends of a park and practice name recalls, or the come command.

3. Take your dog jogging, biking or rollerblading with you. Please take the necessary precautions for these sports, but if you live in the country where nobody can bother you and your dog, then go for it!

4. Walk your dog! It is sad to know that the majority of dogs do not even get a formal walk every day. Their owner simply does not take them outside, other than the backyard, so a walk would be tremendous to get your dog active.

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About Author: Jean is the owner of the Dog Trick Academy. Read more about his dog training techniques.

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