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According to research, there are 27 million pets in the UK today, with over 40 percent of households owning at least one domesticated animal. Dogs and cats account for the largest percentage, with British people owning over 7.3 million canines and more than 7.2 million felines.

Companionship is cited as the primary purchase incentive, with the report suggesting that 60 percent of people in the UK buy pets for that reason. The study also found that just five percent of people buy pets for security purposes, underlining the belief that pets are viewed more as friends or family members, than just merely animals.

And, with the old adage purporting the fact that a dog is a manís best friend, as well as studies claiming that pet ownership can help stave off such health risks as high blood pressure, it is little wonder that owning a pet has become entrenched in modern society.

Indeed, just looking at the pampering options available for pets today Ė grooming parlours, pet hotels and pet care products, for example Ė it is easy to recognise the integrated role they can achieve in the family and the high regard in which they are held.

Pet welfare is, to most owners, of utmost importance, and when a pet becomes sick, itís almost as distressing as discovering a child or close relative is ill. Pets can live for a long time and the attachment that people form is akin to human relationships. Therefore, most owners are aware of the need for a good vet, coupled with a reliable pet insurance policy.

Unlike the National Health Service for humans, pet owners will also know there is no such thing as a National Pet Service and consequently when a pet becomes ill, many face extortionate veterinary bills, which, dependent on the treatment can run into hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds.

Thatís why, if you own a pet, it is a sensible idea to take out the proper insurance. With the right policy, you can ensure your pet is covered for any number of health matters, thus preventing, as far as possible, the possibility of your pet becoming seriously ill. For example, you could be insured for up to £5,000 per condition for your pet.

It may also be possible, if for instance you have to go into hospital, and there is no-one to look after your pet, to get assistance toward pet boarding fees. In this way, you can have peace of mind that your pet is being cared for and that its welfare is not going to suffer because you cannot be there.

There are a vast number of insurance policies on the market and it is vital to ensure you choose the most appropriate one for your pet. It can be wise to conduct research into the different options available and choose the most appropriate pet insurance quote on the market.

In this way, you are helping to give your pet the best possible protection against illness.

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